When something changes, something changes …

Who asks you the hard questions? Who do you turn to when you need balanced, objective direction and strategic advice?  We are your personal accountability partner — we’ll help you create positive change, reveal hidden answers, get “unstuck,” and keep moving forward successfully.

Complimentary 30-Minute Phone Consultation
Where are you in your business? Where do you want to be? What’s keeping you up at night? Let's start with a simpler question: Why are you reaching out to us today? Let’s set up a call and talk.

Focused Strategy Sessions
Your desire to change direction and plan for overall growth starts with these sessions.  We’ll discuss your current challenges and business inertia, and create simple, actionable next steps to regain your momentum and check off goals.  These calls will provide planning, direction, accountability and support. Minimum 6 months committment, includes one initial 90-minute VIP strategy call, followed by three monthly 45-minute calls.

This four-hour intensive will focus on a specific product, service or overall business challenge that you want to infuse oxygen into. You'll end the day with plans to move forward, better clarity and understanding about your role in your success, strategies for overcoming hurdles, and more.  One 4-hour session — in-person, on video conference or telephone call. 

Partnership Review and Planning
Are you and a friend or colleage thinking of going into business together? Before you do I'll sit down with each of you separately to confirm agreed upon goals, expectations, desired outcomes, roles, responsibilities and more. I'll also uncover interpersonal communication skills, habits, ethics, daily work styles and personality traits, which will reveal how the partners can bring about the best in each other and communicate effectively.  After I meet with each of you I will meet with you together to provide the tools that will help the partnership flourish. Customized program. 

Brand Development and Target Market Identification
Do your customers know the Who, What, Where, When and Why of your company? Together we will Identify your company’s brand — aka its persona — so you can communicate your marketing, advertising and public relations messages clearly, consistently and effectively across all your advertising and marketing tools and collateral. Next we’ll identify your target market so that the right messages are reaching the right audience in the right medium. Customized program.

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